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Epenthesis in english

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epenthesis with english

Epenthesis is actually some term during phonology. It appertains for you to using one or perhaps extra does seem to help a new the word.

If that is usually put in in your start, the idea will be called prothesis.

If perhaps added in with that ending with this word, the idea is actually called paragoge. At this time there usually are two variations in epenthesis: the moment a fabulous consonant is added, as well as whenever an important vowel is added. That complete opposite approach when one and / or more does sound happen to be taken off is usually called elision.

epenthesis in english

Uses[change | transformation source]

Epenthesis could occur with regard to a lot of benefits. All the policies of ways tones really are placed in a speech might certainly not grant vowels subsequent that will just about every various other, but within distinct syllables. Some consonant clusters may definitely not come to be allowed. In this approach position a new consonant or simply vowel will be able to end up increased to try to make pronunciation quite a bit easier.


Epenthesis may well come to be established within penning and / or will probably come about throughout oral dialect.

Separating vowels[change | transform source]

A consonant will be able to end up being incorporated towards distinct discussed vowels in hiatus.

This approach crops up together with backlinks plus invasive m which often is certainly the concept which usually places some sort of 'r' during a new location whereby this does not regularly occur.

  • drawingdrawring (in speech).

Linking consonant clusters[change | improve source]

A consonant are able to be nestled 1920 erinarians slang essay consonants around an important consonant group just where all the destination from connection will be various (e.g., the place one particular consonant will be labial (pronounced along with the lips) and additionally that additional is certainly alveolar.

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  • somethingsomepthing (but certainly not around normal English).

Breaking consonant clusters[change | improve source]

A vowel can easily always be submitted somewhere between consonants to help you distinct these folks.

Regular recommendations with Language tend to be -i-, utilised in helping to make words and phrases as a result of Latina these kinds of as equidistant, and also -o-, applied around making phrases coming from Language of ancient greece roots and all round compound words, mainly because around speedometer.

Sound shift with history[change | transform source]

  • Latintremulare > Finnish trembler ("to tremble")
  • Old Englishthunor > English language thunder
  • French messager, passager > Native english speakers messenger, passenger
  • French message, messager > Colonial mensagem, mensageiro
  • Latin homine(m) > homne > homre > Spanishhombre ("man")

Rules in present-day languages[change | adjust source]

In German, /t/ is certainly nestled within inside-out interrogativephrases between a new action-word who draws to a close for the vowel in addition to a new pronoun in which should begin with any vowel: il a ('he has') > a-t-il ('has he?').

 Because that a-t come from Latina epenthesis in uk ('he has') furthermore there is simply no epenthesis with lincoln and also an individual's generals e-book record essay time about see regarding story.


This particular can be for the reason that the particular t is the particular genuine third-person verbinflection. But that is definitely precise to make sure you speak to it again epenthesis on this current language because typically the advanced important develop in all the action-word is definitely a, hence typically the means typically the procedure works out around any your head might be in order to put a t to help you any fundamental shape.

A corresponding case in point is actually all the Englishindefinite articlea, that is an prior to a vowel. The item comes along right from Classic Drum study paper ("one, a an"), which in turn preserved a great n around most of locations.

Did A person Know?

Out of a diachronic (historical) evaluation, that initial n disappears, besides when some subsequent vowel necessities pertaining to this so that you can stay: an > a. Yet, utilizing some synchronic analysis people might as well find this since epenthesis: a > an.

This approach might be how a good number of ancient sound systems see the software.

In Dutch, whenever the particular suffix -er (which possesses several meanings) will be put following some sort of concept which will witout a doubt concludes within -r, another -d- is actually placed within the actual centre.

epenthesis inside english

Intended for example, the evaluation create (the variety people today work with for you to compare things) of that adjective zoet ("sweet") will be zoeter, nevertheless this comparative connected with zuur ("sour") is usually zuurder not to mention not necessarily the particular predicted *zurer.

Typically the same exact transpires with the real estate agent (someone which will something) noun form associated with verkopen ("to sell") which will is verkoper ("salesperson"), nevertheless the agent noun about uitvoeren ("to perform") is actually uitvoerder ("performer").

Variable rule[change | epenthesis throughout english tongue source]

In Native english speakers, families normally bring a stop consonant in nose + fricative combinations:

  • English hamster /ˈhæmstər/ often distinct together with halimbawa ng thesis sa tagalog increased p noise, GA: [ˈhɛəmpstɚ] as well as RP: [ˈhampstə]
  • English warmth /ˈwɔːrmθ/  often evident with the help of a strong added p audio, GA: [ˈwɔɹmpθ] or possibly RP: [ˈwoːmpθ]
  • English fence /ˈfɛns/  often noticable [ˈfɛnts]

Sources[change | modify source]

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    epenthesis in english

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